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Thursday, October 28, 2010

my dog

not to long ago i adopted a pekingese he would be my third one my first i raised from a puppy i have always loved animals how ever as i became older i began to believe that animals are not just four legged warm body running one instinct they seem to be aware have feelings and think most dogs will respond when called by name mine does not how ever if you whistle he comes running any one who knows pekingese knows that they are quite capable of wandering off my first one did so on more than one occasion how ever my current one rarely has in fact i am seriously considering renaming him lucky ill start from yesterday and work back from there yesterday we when to our club to work out it was towards dusk were in the club for about an hour over the p.a they make some sort of announcement describing the type of car how ever they color was off long story short we had left our car door open and the dog was laying down on the floor sometime back we live in a wooded area with no street lights i heard the dog barking very faintly after some searching i found him outside at the back door prior to this one summer afternoon i am int he car my door open i am waiting on some one to get out of a wedding there playing for i fall a sleep i am woken up buy the chattering of a squirrel i look around for the dog i see him wandering off across the street during the first few days we got the dog he goes missing least ways he is not in plain sight our house is not that big i find him in my mothers room his tail stick out of her closet his head is in a garment bag hes eating a box of what i thought is a box of chocolates fortunately they were only coated with chocolate we rush out the door drive 25 miles only to be told that he will be fine

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