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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


hollowness has come and gone normally we don't hand out candy for various reason one the layout of our house and the lack of any light expect from our house we accidentally left the out side light on some one came to our door for some odd reason our dog decides that he is extremely interested in the visitor i case him herding him around our car to which he heads right back out after the trick or treater normally my dog is relatively slow and response well to my verbal commands unless he decides other wise not to long ago i step in to our garage via the side door the dog had followed me  suddenly he makes a beeline to the front  of the house a rather large dog was snooping around the house i chased the dog away and now i am chasing my dog around the house  trying to catch him fortunately both dogs  run into the neighbors yard  all this in my bear feet  not too long ago we had a water leak in our kitchen part of the floor under the cabinets and to be taken up and some of the kick boards the workman is laying on the floor doing his part they dog lays down a few feet behind him but looks up at me with this look as if he is perplexed  as to what the man is doing   it is amazing how communicative this dog is either that or he is telepathic  there are stages to most everything he wants or needs  in the beginning with him if he had to go he went now he is better at telling me when he has to go out he sits at steps to the door and look at me or sit in front of me and give me a look which is difficult to describe how ever the hunger look is the easiest to describe first there is the small eye look if i say know the stare becomes more intense followed by the dance or the the dance and bark  other times he heads up stairs lays down at the head of the stairs then at some point decides he is hungry he then barks at me other time he barks at me standing near the kitchen he does this when he knows food is left out  on the stove if i refuse him food he hits up my mother and she can ignore him but for me it drives me nuts hearing him bark like that  most the time heel eat anything cat food dog food human food then hell turn his nose up at the very same thing i gave him previously

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