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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you cant have your tunna untill you eat your liver

lately banshee our cat has been refusing to eat the liver flavored cat food  he wants his tuna not any tuna it has to be water filled tuna and any time he wants the tuna  he will yell cry the most nerve racking cry that is why i named him banshee the other day he was hitting up my mother who he is totally bonded to for tuna  so she tells him that in order to have his tuna he has to eat  the can liver much to her surprise he did  many times banshee will be the one to let my mother  know when Sarah wants in the other day we were discussing why Sahara does not allow my mother to hold her her conclusion was all of the various perfumes she wheres we agree as if to confirm this in the  morning  Sarah comes in and jumps in bed i approach her and she runs away suffering from sore mussels in a few places i have been using a strong liniment indigent she  sleeps in the other room Sarah s personality is not as assertive as Dominick all though she does let him know she is the boss every one gets along fairly well lately Sarah has been eating the dogs can meat how ever i really think that  she has a impish side to her because ever so often at night she will do some thing to the dog that will send him into frenzy

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