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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

play time

last night juniors in the mood for some play time he has an old bone laying around he decides to chew on it sitting with him on the floor after a couple of minuets i leave him to resume watching tv not good enough he stops walks around from behind me and stares at me wanting me to go back and sit with him while he continuous chewing  his bone after which he  still in a playful mood Sarah  becomes  his target  while she is sleeping in the chair the dog decides to wrestle with her she as always tolerates his antics to  a point  i went to bed a bit later than usual Sarah was wanting me to goto bed she waiting for me by the door the dog  and i head off to the bedroom as does Shara  however i still have a few things to do and Sarah follows me out of the bedroom usually i try and chase her down to put her out  and she hides under the various pieces of furniture  i walked the dog early today which he was not particularly in favor of  ultimately he did not want to return home he does know which direction  home is  along the way he meets up with a couple of  cocker spaniel puppies junior once he sees them behind us he wont go any farther  until he meets up with them his idea of socializing is completely different from from the two puppies while they want to jump and paw at him he backs off  he is quite well behaved if i am when i am talking to some one he will lay down and enjoy the moment

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