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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

walk the dog

with junior walking him is easy i lead he follows  the three  exceptions are he has cross the street back and forth every time he has sniffed a spot  he has always had his own mind as to were he wants to go  lately he will stop in the middle of the road  not moving forwards or backwards  i really cant figure it this out  nearly always he loves his walks  he maybe down stairs sleeping and all i have to to is dangle the leashes end  the clip so it makes a sound and with in a couple of seconds  he will be upstairs at the door my first peek was a little bit more assertive he always pulled on the leash junior always follows and is the last thru the door and even on the leash if i am talking with some one  he lays down and waits  i am the talk of the neighborhood not because of my dog but because most of the time one or both of our two cats follow him on his walks  food early on was an issue with him if he had a bone i dare not come near him and the bone unless i wanted my hand bit off but at some point he decided that he wanted me involved with him eating a bone i dont really know but at some point hell come over to me and give me a look at that point i am involved with him either holding the bone while he gnaws on one end  what i find the most amusing s how much effort he puts in guarding a bone once he has finished with he does not lay down next to it but a few feet from it and if the cats come around hell chase them off like my other dog mitzu he love pizza crust how ever he pretty much devourers them while mitzu would walk around snorting whilst he walk around the house trying to find the perfect spot to hid them to which he never went back to them in fact years after he had depart from us when we moved from our last home i found dried out moldy pizza crust all over the house at time while watching tv late at night a mouse would pop out of the fire place vent scurry around find a pizza crust at least twice its size  the drag it back and attempt to pull it thru the vents what was even funnier is watching the dog chase the mouse

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