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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you cant have your tunna untill you eat your liver

lately banshee our cat has been refusing to eat the liver flavored cat food  he wants his tuna not any tuna it has to be water filled tuna and any time he wants the tuna  he will yell cry the most nerve racking cry that is why i named him banshee the other day he was hitting up my mother who he is totally bonded to for tuna  so she tells him that in order to have his tuna he has to eat  the can liver much to her surprise he did  many times banshee will be the one to let my mother  know when Sarah wants in the other day we were discussing why Sahara does not allow my mother to hold her her conclusion was all of the various perfumes she wheres we agree as if to confirm this in the  morning  Sarah comes in and jumps in bed i approach her and she runs away suffering from sore mussels in a few places i have been using a strong liniment indigent she  sleeps in the other room Sarah s personality is not as assertive as Dominick all though she does let him know she is the boss every one gets along fairly well lately Sarah has been eating the dogs can meat how ever i really think that  she has a impish side to her because ever so often at night she will do some thing to the dog that will send him into frenzy

face time with the dog

the past couple of days junior has been wanting me to pay more attienon to him down on his level he would roll around nibble on my shirt  lately he doesn't like the can food now he wants eggs today he didn't even want that he wants the hot dogs  i find it ever so amusing to talk to him when he is hungry i mention the hot dogs that gains me a huge vocal bark then i ask him if he wants a cookie he all most barks at he makes partial lunge at me but it is almost as if he thinks no i don't want a cookie  i want the hot dog

Saturday, November 13, 2010

keeping one mouth shut

with a dog as clever as mine you often have to guard what you say like i cant mention going for a drive which is his favorite thing to do we planed our day  the dog was aware that we are going to be leaving soon he cuts his walk short and waits at the top of the stairs later my mother heads out to the car not hearing her i resume  watching tv the dogs comes to me and lays down later when we return home every one has to be fed i trying to fix something to eat my self so i did not pay to much attention to see if he was eating when i did look over at him he was not eating  banshee my moms cat was nibbling at the dogs can meat  then the dog turns around and begins to eat later the cat and the dog start to play with the same ball we have laying around

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

play time

last night juniors in the mood for some play time he has an old bone laying around he decides to chew on it sitting with him on the floor after a couple of minuets i leave him to resume watching tv not good enough he stops walks around from behind me and stares at me wanting me to go back and sit with him while he continuous chewing  his bone after which he  still in a playful mood Sarah  becomes  his target  while she is sleeping in the chair the dog decides to wrestle with her she as always tolerates his antics to  a point  i went to bed a bit later than usual Sarah was wanting me to goto bed she waiting for me by the door the dog  and i head off to the bedroom as does Shara  however i still have a few things to do and Sarah follows me out of the bedroom usually i try and chase her down to put her out  and she hides under the various pieces of furniture  i walked the dog early today which he was not particularly in favor of  ultimately he did not want to return home he does know which direction  home is  along the way he meets up with a couple of  cocker spaniel puppies junior once he sees them behind us he wont go any farther  until he meets up with them his idea of socializing is completely different from from the two puppies while they want to jump and paw at him he backs off  he is quite well behaved if i am when i am talking to some one he will lay down and enjoy the moment

Monday, November 8, 2010

the cats enjoy the autum day

Saturday the cats decided to follow junior and i on our walk  Sarah my cat happily plays in the accumulated leaves in the drainage ditch on my return home with the dog in tow as i approach the house Sarah  runs past me i thought to my self how graceful she runs almost like a leopard 2 seconds later a rather large dog is running  after her fortunately a van had puled onto our street and slowed the dog down  rather made about the dog running loose  it very difficult to try and chased down something when you have a 25 lb dog on a leash who really does not run if he can help it about the only thing that will move him if i point out that there is a dog ahead to  which he will steadily walk until he catches up with the dog

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

walk the dog

with junior walking him is easy i lead he follows  the three  exceptions are he has cross the street back and forth every time he has sniffed a spot  he has always had his own mind as to were he wants to go  lately he will stop in the middle of the road  not moving forwards or backwards  i really cant figure it this out  nearly always he loves his walks  he maybe down stairs sleeping and all i have to to is dangle the leashes end  the clip so it makes a sound and with in a couple of seconds  he will be upstairs at the door my first peek was a little bit more assertive he always pulled on the leash junior always follows and is the last thru the door and even on the leash if i am talking with some one  he lays down and waits  i am the talk of the neighborhood not because of my dog but because most of the time one or both of our two cats follow him on his walks  food early on was an issue with him if he had a bone i dare not come near him and the bone unless i wanted my hand bit off but at some point he decided that he wanted me involved with him eating a bone i dont really know but at some point hell come over to me and give me a look at that point i am involved with him either holding the bone while he gnaws on one end  what i find the most amusing s how much effort he puts in guarding a bone once he has finished with he does not lay down next to it but a few feet from it and if the cats come around hell chase them off like my other dog mitzu he love pizza crust how ever he pretty much devourers them while mitzu would walk around snorting whilst he walk around the house trying to find the perfect spot to hid them to which he never went back to them in fact years after he had depart from us when we moved from our last home i found dried out moldy pizza crust all over the house at time while watching tv late at night a mouse would pop out of the fire place vent scurry around find a pizza crust at least twice its size  the drag it back and attempt to pull it thru the vents what was even funnier is watching the dog chase the mouse

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


hollowness has come and gone normally we don't hand out candy for various reason one the layout of our house and the lack of any light expect from our house we accidentally left the out side light on some one came to our door for some odd reason our dog decides that he is extremely interested in the visitor i case him herding him around our car to which he heads right back out after the trick or treater normally my dog is relatively slow and response well to my verbal commands unless he decides other wise not to long ago i step in to our garage via the side door the dog had followed me  suddenly he makes a beeline to the front  of the house a rather large dog was snooping around the house i chased the dog away and now i am chasing my dog around the house  trying to catch him fortunately both dogs  run into the neighbors yard  all this in my bear feet  not too long ago we had a water leak in our kitchen part of the floor under the cabinets and to be taken up and some of the kick boards the workman is laying on the floor doing his part they dog lays down a few feet behind him but looks up at me with this look as if he is perplexed  as to what the man is doing   it is amazing how communicative this dog is either that or he is telepathic  there are stages to most everything he wants or needs  in the beginning with him if he had to go he went now he is better at telling me when he has to go out he sits at steps to the door and look at me or sit in front of me and give me a look which is difficult to describe how ever the hunger look is the easiest to describe first there is the small eye look if i say know the stare becomes more intense followed by the dance or the the dance and bark  other times he heads up stairs lays down at the head of the stairs then at some point decides he is hungry he then barks at me other time he barks at me standing near the kitchen he does this when he knows food is left out  on the stove if i refuse him food he hits up my mother and she can ignore him but for me it drives me nuts hearing him bark like that  most the time heel eat anything cat food dog food human food then hell turn his nose up at the very same thing i gave him previously