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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the dog gets up from a nap it is 130 am ,I am thinking he wants to eat ,but for some reason I change my thinking and ask the dog if he wants milk which he did .After wards he walks around behind my chair and goes back to sleep. When i turn around in my chair and talk with him he then walks around and wants up on the ottoman.I believe that the dog has a certain amount of logic the other day he wants me to throw his pig ear how ever to keep him from wandering up stairs were he usually pees in the middle bathroom i have a board across the threshold, when I remove the board and threw pig ear he heads upstairs .Banshe seems to know when I am brushing the dog he will want to be brushed brushed also. Several months back mom threw out the wood stove ashes which contain partiality burnt chicken bones, once the dog discovered the bones outside nearly every time he would be let out he would snoop around the pile of ashes i dare not use my hands and try to wrangle him back inside i would have to use a broom to get the dog back inside the house. PIG EARS lately the dog will chase the cats way from his pig ears even if he is not chewing on on at the time when we purchase fresh pig ears the dog will look out the car window but usually he really does not eat a pig ear in the car when we go to a coffee drive thru or a gas station he will want a treat how is it i can know what the dog wants usually when ask do you want milk he will dark ask about some thing else he will pause and bark again for some reason the dog prefers the pig ears cold . the dog seems to under stand our activity whether i get the leash or what it means when i shut the lights off in the den during the day or at nite during the day when mom is home that usually means going for a ride which he waits for me to finish what i am doing he waits near the door or close to a door if i am in another room. Most of the time the dog eats what ever we put in his dish then there are times when he wants his wet dog food usually caned .When the dog wants to sit with me when i leave the room and come back he will be in my chair waiting for me to come back when he want to know what i am doing since he can not go up stairs he will be laying in front of the door .

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