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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

i am getting ready to leave JR my dog he is a sleep after i had left the room i turn around to find the dog laying on the floor in front of the door way watching me.
i brought a used pet bed down into the den since both cats have taken to sleeping down stairs usually because i am he only one home it has a mouse attached to the bed now every time Sarah comes into the room she takes a minuet or two and plays with the mouse.
SNACKS pig ears JR from the smells although undetectable to us humans knows when we are at the butchers every time i get out of the car and return he is looking out the window knowing he will receive a treat.
  in the past i have cut up the smoke pig ears being that they are rather large an to conserve on the pig ears now he will not eat the pig ears cut in half .
after the dog has eaten the said pig ear maybe a inch is left  he stops eating on the pigs ear and wants a new one he seems to prefer both his bone which we get raw and  frozen there seems to be a difference in a pig ear that he chewed on and a fresher one has i gave the dog a pig ear today he sniffs it if he really wants it he will lick at it as he does with the raw bones after he has had his fill of what meat remained on the bone and his fill of the marrow he abandons he bone.
 At times he may not be entirely done with the bone or the pig ear and he will be laying down away from the pig ear or bone how ever when the cats come around that is a different story try and take away either  i have found out the hard way even stepping over him when he is gnawing on the bone .
    Some time back we had chicken for dinner  i attempted to burn the bones how ever our wood stoves chimney had to be clean the partially burn chicken bone were thrown out with the ashes by the chimney sweep for the next several days i had to keep the dog away from the bushes being that  it was raining so going out and hunting for the bones was a problem.
       the dog can and will climb over anything to get to food left on a plate down stairs he now is wary of a small spray bottle so placing  the bottle does keep him at bay .
at times when the dog is really hungry and i am talking to him about eating he will hit his dish with his paw  how ever i can not get him to do  this on command  ,at times when i want to take the dog out for a walk  and he is not totally motivated i have to rub his belly when he is seriously wanting to go out for a walk hell go right for the door , at times when i get  ready for bed  i will have tucked the dog in i leave the room and come back he will  be laying in the middle of he bed.
     i find that as humans we are either connected telepathy to our dogs or we know what they are thinking at times the dogs wants me to carry him to the car i t is probably not telepathy  when i am going  out to the car he goes so far and stands on the path way so i have to pick him up and carry him to the car.
       Where they treats are
JR he knows what stops have treat all though he thinks every one should give him a treat after all we humans are eating some thing .
our favorite coffee drive thru is dutch brothers at times we have to restrain the dog  at times i have let the back window down so  he can stick his head out and ask for a treat
some time back  i thought the dog had eaten a chicken bones i had seen bones partially  eaten i immediately fed him bread and watch for the next several day for signs  of issue from the bones.
the other day i am out walking the dog , a golden lab it turned out to be a stray  the dog was fair distance away he sees us and lays down and waits for me to approach after the meet and greet  the dog hangs around the dog and i several were playing in the area the dog from my thinking cretas a game he picks up a stick and runs around me close enough fo me to reach out as i did he would pull back and run away .
    a neighbor got a hold of the dog  i went over with the dog as soon as i did her dogs go out  turns out most were   friendly  .
 not long ago the dog and i came across a collie when we approached the dog he bowed his head  , i began to scratch his hind quarters when i stopped he would manuvered his rear end  so i would continue.
often i will not respond immediately to the cats request to be let in there are times when the dog will get up and look at me as if he is telling me let the cat in the other day the cat Sarah had been in my bed room i faintly heard something but ignored it the dog gets up and looks at me then i figured out that the cat was in my bedroom.
with two cats and one dog it is really a challenge of timing to feed them all and keep the dog away from the cat food the cats will defer to the dog  other wise the dog eat the remains of the cat food still after eating the dog goes over to the cats dish to check out any remains in the dish.
   if mom has been gone all day the dog becomes  more active when she comes home as of late he has not been doing this all though late in the evening the dog will become more active he will play more with the pigs ears. more often then not the dog loves for me to get down on the floor and talk to him when he wants to lay down in between my legs he will ask to get up or if my chair is empty he will be sitting in my chair when i return.
      when the dog gets a pig ear he likes for me to throw the pig ear a couple of times  before he begins to chew on the ear
       the dog seems to have a mind of his own from what pig ear he wants or a choice between a bone or a pig ear  or where and how long of a walk he wants and when he wants milk as when he want cream added to the milk or weather or not he wants to stay with me .
  there is a small park which i let the dog off his leash so he can run around a bit how ever this time i pointed out a small dog at this point he takes off running fortunately the dog was small and friendly this is about the only time the dog wil move fast is when he sees a dog .
      some time back we came across a puppy peek around 8 weeks old pk/  would have nothing to the dog even though the dog was very interested in jr .
a former peek owner related this story to me one winter her dog became lost on the rim which is were we live  later he was found unharmed buried in the snow her daughter when the daughter would return home her dogs would line up waiting to greet her, they dogs were not allowed to be on her furniture how ever during her absence they would jump on the furniture  often the pair would jump on her unmade bed cover them selves up with the blanket each on opposite sides of the bed when she came home they would hide them selves .
      we visited a relative they have a female peek she was tethered jr was laying down right at the end of her tether,other visits honey seemed to show PK/JR  around the yard.
often the dog will  want something and will become excited hell run around and do a dance of sorts ,the other day i laying down on the floor talking with the doghe is wanting what turns out to be milk i rubbing his belly and at the mention of milk he starts to bark and run  around

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