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Friday, December 12, 2014

Iam eating a thin cracker with a bree cheese spread, the dog J.R is waiting to be snacked after several with cheese and a few plain crackers he refuse to eat the plain crackers.fri oct 30 2014 carol and mom arrived the dog is happy because he can go for a ride . Not to far from were we live on hiway 26 is a bed and breakfast they were having a xmas sale and garage sale of sorts i am the first to walk in the door to which there is a kitten who had been abandoned carol ultimately takes the kitten home . when both the dog and the kitten meet nothing happens the kitten is not afraid of the dog and the dog pretty much is indifferent the cat at on point takes up with the dog trying to suckle the dog . We spend the nit at the ingrmans home the cat is so hungry the cat eats right out of the dish the dog is eating from and J.R does nothing due to the cat being so hungry it gorges itself as does the dog later the cat is given a piece of foil all crumpled up and begins to play with the foil, the dog follows suit then stops to look at carrol as if to see her reaction. Dog AND PIG EARS at nite the dog at time becomes more active he will pick up remnants of a pig ear laying around and toss it around jump at for a bit.every time we stop at the butcher and as i return to the car the dog seems to be alert to me approach and knows that i have something for him now i am sure that the dog smells the meat and can tell by the sounds where he is at how ever the dog seems to have a preference as to when he wants to eat a pig ear and all though he will take the pig ear from me in the car he does not devour the pig hear, were as when we go to a drive thru weather or not it is a fast food or coffee he expects a treat including the gas stations how ever he does not differentiate fast food drive thrus and certain gas stations that do not hand out treats. PIG EARS once at home the dog becomes more interested in the pig ears one time i opened the bag and gave the dog a pig ear and immediately headed down stairs then he waits for me to return and wants me to throw the pig ear no more than two times , the dog likes me to throw any snacks i give him the dog loves strawberries and cantaloupe he becomes more assertive in his begging. Mom has allowed the dog to lick her plate were as i do not and of course he seems to understand what he can get away with . there are time when the dog will not want to go very far for a walk i have practically drag him. PIG EARS there are time when the dog is finished with a pig ear all though not completely devoured there must be some thing about the frozen pig ear and the way it taste to him at times i will play a game and offer the dog two different items or two of the same like two pig ears and ask him to choose he will sniff each item and ultimately pick one . at times the dog is what i call the gate keeper if the cat Sarah wants in and i do not want to get up and let her in he will position himself with in eye contact and look at me as if to say let the cat in .When feeding the cats and the dog i have to feed the dog and banshee at the same time since Sarah eats a top the cat stand banshee eats down on the floor as does the dog and if the cat is feed last the dog will push banshee out of the way even still the dog will go over to the cats dish after eating and polish off the dish .I am working in the garage mom ask if i wanted the dog outside with me since i was sanding i said no mom tries to take him into the house how ever he runs to me and wans me to go into the house another time i made a bed for him in the garage while i was working and he stayed in the bed while i was working at times he will lay in proximity to me , recently at times i have been watching tv up stairs in the front room the dog will eventually jump up on to the couch and lay between my legs or laying on the floor near me , there are times when we are heading out the door and the dog wants to eat hell run back towards the kitchen , often the dogs wants milk and will ask for only i have to figure out that is is milk that he wants usually i am right and for the most part i am right.J.R has preferences towards dogs all though he is always willing to meet another dog he does not like to be pounced on.if i allow the dog to freedom of movement around the house he sits at the top of the stairs until he wants to eat and then barks at me . at time the dog likes to vist mom either on her bed or just laying on the floor

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